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Husband | Father | Grandfather | Small Business Owner | Lifelong Modesto Resident

Common Sense and Straight Talk! 


As a lifelong Modestan, Nick Bavaro knows homelessness and crime threaten the quality of life in our neighborhoods and communities. 


As an elected school trustee, Nick Bavaro knows firsthand how the pandemic has damaged our students, parents, teachers and school staff.


As a small business owner, Nick Bavaro personally deals daily with employees and employers in navigating the complex rules governing employee benefits ensuring that workers and employers comply with the rules to protect each party.


As a husband, father, and grandparent Nick Bavaro wants to see good jobs, a skilled workforce, good schools, and safe neighborhoods so our city can grow and provide to others the same opportunity it provided to him.


Nick Bavaro was born in Modesto and attended grace Davis High School, the University of the Pacific and received his Master’s of Public Administration from the University of Southern California.


Nick and Diane Ericson Bavaro have been married since 1982, and live in the Sipherd School neighborhood. They have two children and two grandchildren.


In 1985 Nick Bavaro opened his own firm providing guidance and expertise to both employees and employers on the myriad of local, state and federal issues that impact workers, small businesses, consumers, and retirees.  Nick has viewed his job as that of an advocate for the employees and businesses often not considered in the overarching regulations passed by government regulators.


Nick Bavaro has been an elected member of the Empire School District for over 18 years. He has strongly advocated for programs that enhance student access to technology and worked to make sure every student had the opportunity to become the best they could be. Ensuring that the school district remains financially sound has been one of his top priorities.


Nick has also served as a member of the Modesto Planning Commission. For four years he sat on the statewide California Citizens Compensation Commission, charged with, among other duties, approving pay raises for legislators. As a commissioner he voted against pay raises for legislators and statewide office holders. 

Nick will bring common sense, a commitment to financial stability, and his love for Modesto to the City Council. 

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